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Mischief Treks is one of the best Trekking & Adventure SPORTS TEAM that soared to heights of success rapidly and is biggest DMC for Mumbai, Maharashtra. Being a trusted brand for trek enthusiasts. Having significant experience in Sahyadris in Western Ghats, we are also among the best for guided Himalayan treks. 

We love to have fun, mingle up with participants and focus on making every event a memorable one. Our team is one of the most preferred and trusted teams when it comes to solo participants and female participants. This reputation has been earned by adhering to safety and transparency policies of our team. On the other hand, apart from being a loving, humble, trustworthy, and caring team, we also possess the ability to be "arrogant" and "rude" to a certain type of people.

Filtering out certain type of people during enquiry phase helps us in keeping our participants and team members insulated from those certain characters. We try to reject or filter out such people as soon as we are able to notice behavioral Red-Flags. 

Who we are

  • We are a TEAM of nature and adventure loving Free-Humans.
  • The participants of our event form a team to successfully complete the event, Each participant needs to be a team player.
  • Team spirit and mutual respect is a basic condition to be a part of our group events.
  • Our Trek-Leaders play a role similar to coach/referee.
  • The team is always there to support you and care for you.
  • Just like any other "Team" if need be, we put ourselves at stake to ensure your safety and well-being.
  • We love nature and we help people experience the true bliss of being in the forests and mountains with well-defined safety and security protocols.

Who we are NOT

  • We are not travel agents / curators / ticketing app / Travel Company / Tour operators etc...
  • We do not have Clients / Customers / Servants / Patrons etc..
  • We do not have "Chained Customer Care Slaves" who are paid for getting abused or ill-treated.
  • We are "Not" into hospitality sector or in Service industry.
  • We do not serve or cater.
  • We do not bully, nor do we get bullied.
  • We do not possess the ability to handle cranky, irritating, and grumpy people.

Who should participate in our events

  • If you can READ and UNDERSTAND important aspects of the event "Before Booking" you are most welcome.
  • If you want to spend your time during the event with a filtered set of like-minded people, you are most welcome
  • If you love nature you are most welcome.
  • If you understand the concept of "Mutual Respect" and "Equality" you are welcome.

Who should "NOT" participate in our events.

  • If you Do-Not like to "Read and Understand" what you are clicking and where you are going, Please avoid us.
  • If you are addicted to cribbing all the time, Please help us stay away from You. 
  • If you believe in signing up for things without carefully understanding it, Please avoid us.
  • If you have "Attitude" issues, crankiness, grumpiness, addiction to spreading negativity among others etc. Please avoid us.

The Secret of our Success  

It was not easy reaching where we are today. We fell, failed, learnt lessons and in due course put together all the learnings to create the protocols that lead to success. The "Secret" behind the success of Mischief Treks Team, a crucial distinguishing factor since inception was that the team had put a strong foot forward to ensure that the group does not get polluted by people having unacceptable behavior, so that the group members get to spend time with amiable People. The following measures were taken to achieve desired results:

  • We ensure that the participants Read, Understand, and are AWARE about each aspect of the event they wish to sign up for. 
  • Try to avoid unreliable modes of communication like voice-calls and prefer trusted mode of written communication.
  • Expel / Blacklist a person displaying anti-social characteristics or having attitude issues. 
  • Provide detailed information on event details page so that aspirants can get all of their queries answered on one single page itself.
  • Be inclined towards loyal participants and do whatever possible to ensure that the loyal participants get what they deserve. 
  • At all costs and consequences never kneel down to disrespectful, anti-social, powerful, or influential people trying to coerce Mischief Treks Team.

As a result, Mischief Treks has turned out to be one of the "Best Trekking Group" in Maharashtra and has earned the respect of thousands of participants. Since several years Mischief Treks also has been the most preferred choice for female solo travelers. All this was not easy to achieve, obviously we had to expel few persons who applied to be part of Mischief Treks events, eliminate joining attempts during enquiry phase itself. This caused mental stress to us as well, but was worth it. This all made us a group of safe, happy and friendly people. 

We also have option for getting tours customised for you, We bring our experience in group tours and treks to create the perfect travel plan for you, this helps in getting a support in getting your tour planned based on real experience. We also have trips/tours planned for the participants who wish to join Mischief Treks to explore various locations.

Know Mischief Treks in detail 

At Mischief Treks, we pride ourselves on being the go-to trekking group for solo travelers and female adventurers who seek the thrill of exploration within the comforting bounds of safety and respect. Our moral nature is built on a foundation of discipline, punctuality, and a strict code of conduct, ensuring every Trek, Tour, Trip, or Event we conduct  is not just a journey, but a testament to our commitment towards excellence.

Safety and professionalism at Its core

Our dedication to safety is unwavering. Mischief Treks stands out for its adherence to stringent safety norms, ensuring that every participant feels secure and valued. Our high standards of discipline and punctuality are not just practices but principles that guide us in delivering experiences that are both enriching and safe. This commitment has garnered us high rankings and deep respect within the trekking community.

Fostering a community of Like-Minded people

At the heart of Mischief Treks is our unique elimination policy, a testament to our commitment to creating harmonious groups. We believe that attitude and behavior significantly influence the collective experience. Therefore, during the inquiry phase itself, we carefully consider each participant's mindset and behavior, ensuring that anyone with attitude issues or behavior red flags is respectfully excluded. This policy guarantees that our groups are comprised of like-minded, friendly individuals, fostering an environment where everyone can have a fantastic time, share laughs, and create memories that last a lifetime.

Earning Respect through genuine experiences

Our approach has earned us immense love and respect from those who have journeyed with us. The testimonials and repeat participations speak volumes of the trust and affection we've cultivated among our participants. This respect is our badge of honor, driving us to continuously strive for excellence and authenticity in all our adventures.

Expert Leadership

The backbone of Mischief Treks is our team of professional and expert trek leaders, among the best in Maharashtra. Each leader is not just experienced in the paths they guide but is also deeply committed to the safety, well-being, and enjoyment of every participant. Their expertise ensures that every trek is not just a journey but a learning experience, filled with fun, adventure, and insights into the natural world.

Honesty and Transparency in every aspect

In a world rife with marketing gimmicks, Mischief Treks stands apart. We believe in honesty and transparency, offering our services at fair prices without resorting to inflated pricing or misleading offers. Our focus is on providing value through unforgettable trekking experiences, not on sales tactics.

At Mischief Treks, every adventure is a promise - a promise of safety, enjoyment, and genuine experiences. Join us, and be part of a trekking experience that values you, respects the environment, and celebrates the spirit of adventure in every step. Welcome to the family, welcome to Mischief Treks.

Field Operations Team Address 
J-27, J Avenue, Global City, Virar West, Maharashtra 401303

IT Operations Team Address 
36-B, Cottage Enclave, Paschim Vihar, New Delhi 110063 

Technical Support Team
103, Agarwal Plaza, Malad Wast, Mumbai 400064

Official WhatsApp Contact number: +91 7719800777


How It All Began

Mischief Treks is one of the 'Best Trekking Group' in Mumbai and biggest DMC for Mumbai, Maharashtra. This group is made up of nature enthusiasts in Mumbai working towards spreading the health benefits of Trekking/Hiking. The adventure sports team soared to heights of success rapidly and is a trusted brand for outdoor activity enthusiasts. 

Born out of passion for treks, camping, photography and adventure, Mischief Treks is the brain child of a group of trekkers with an experience of 1210+ treks in 12 years. It started with a group of Trekkers coming on a single platform and create a team of like minded people who can stand tall for each other. Over the years we have branched into various verticals like Cycling, Offbeat tours, Non-Crowded Events, and recently started with Trip-Packages for those who wish to have a reliable team help them with planning.

“Being at the right place at right time backed with research and recce of any place is the key behind making every event a 100% success”.