Best One-day treks from Mumbai charges starting 750/- Per person. Morning to evening treks and Night treks suitable for beginners, girls, and solo travel. Pickup and Drop option available from Mumbai. 

Best treks in Maharashtra 2023 - near Mumbai

One-Day Treks near Mumbai

Starting from easy grade treks suitable for beginners to most difficult treks in Maharashtra, Sahyadri range of mountains has and option available for all age groups. The difficulty level of treks scheduled for upcoming weekends are planned to suit all segments and age groups. Trekking in Mumbai can be classified in following three major categories.

  • Easy treks for beginners - One day trek
  • Moderate difficulty treks for regular trekkers - One day
  • Difficult Grade treks for those seeking adventure  

One-Day Treks near Mumbai

Hand picked list of best treks in Maharashtra starting from Mumbai for 2023. Fort Treks include Kohoj, Nandhimal, Kalsubai, Tandulwadi, Peb, Irshalgad, Harihar, Kothaligad, Devkund, Kalu Waterfall, Ratangad, Sandhan Valley, Kalu Waterfall, Aadrai Waterfall, Matheran, Nanemachi Waterfall, Naneghat Waterfall, Kalmandavi Waterfall, Secret Waterfall, Hidden Waterfall, and Mischief Treks Non-Crowded one day trek locations.

One-Day Treks

Charges 750 Onwards
Difficulty Easy-Medium Grade
Duration One-Day
Age  All Age Groups
Highlights Forts and Waterfalls
Batch Non-Crowded
Distance from Mumbai 50km-170km


Reviews and Rating 


Aggregate Rating: 4.85 out of 5

Rating count: 2431

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Q. Which are the best waterfalls near Mumbai?

Ans. There are several waterfalls at close proximity to Mumbai, these are best suited for one day visit, and are part of One-Day Trek by Mischief Treks. The most popular waterfalls are as follows:

  • Igatpuri Watersports and Waterfall Trek
  • Devkund waterfall
  • Nanemachi Reverse waterfall
  • Naneghat Waterfall
  • Aadrai waterfall
  • Kalu Waterfall
  • God Valley waterfall
  • Bhandardara Reverse Waterfall
  • Adoshi Waterfall Khopoli
  • Bendewadi Waterfall
  • Dabhosa Waterfalls
  • Devkund Waterfall
  • Dugarwadi Waterfall
  • Hidden Waterfall Cliff Jumping
  • Hidden Waterfall Rappelling
  • Hiradpada Waterfall
  • Juinagar Waterfall
  • Kalmandavi Waterfall
  • Kataldhaar waterfall
  • Kumbhe Waterfall
  • Kundmala Waterfall
  • Kune Falls
  • Lingya Ghat Waterfall
  • Milkybar Waterfall
  • Reverse Waterfall Lonavala
  • Secret Waterfall Cliff Jumping
  • Secret Waterfall Jungle Trail
  • Secret Waterfall Trek
  • Vihigaon Ashoka Water Falls
  • Waghoba Waterfall

Mischief Treks Secret waterfall is also one of the most desired locations in Monsoon. Rappelling activities are also done during monsoons in most of the waterfalls near Mumbai. 

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Tours starting from Mumbai

One Day Treks in Mumbai, Maharashtra

An array of most sought One-day treks in Maharashtra. These treks are suitable for a day visit and offer adventurous experience during Monsoon and Winter season. 

October, 2023 Update: Weather conditions 

The weather in the month of October is pleasant, slight drizzle is expected late at night. The visibility is clear and night sky looks splendid. Average temperature for the day expected to be around 28°C. Chance of rain 20%.