This Harishchandragad Trek from Mumbai by Mischief Treks is a Non-Cheap version for those who prefer better experience rather than discounts. Booking Open. At a short distance from Mumbai, Harishchandragad Fort is one of the best and easy One-Day treks suitable for beginners, girls, women, and solo travelers. Harishchandragad is an Ancient hill fort situated in the Ahmednagar district of Maharashtra. The origin of this fort is known to have been in the 6th Century. Many ancient Puranas have included many references about Harishchandragad Fort. This trek is loved by everyone in the Trekking Community and is our Favorite Trek too. It is situated at an distance of 218 km from Mumbai, and stands tall at the height of 1424 meters. There are many ways to reach this fort, all the routes have different difficulty levels.  

It's best trek near popular locations like Aadrai Forest , Bhairavgad, Naneghat Trek, and Secret Waterfall. There are multiple must visit places on the trek that you shouldn't miss out. Saptatirtha Pushkarni is a well - built pond to the east of the Harishchandragad temple. Kedareshwar Cave has a Shiva Linga completely surrounded by water, Konkada gives you a majestic view of the surrounding. Taramati peak is the top most point of the fort, you will be able to see the view of whole range of Naneghat and forts in the surrounding area. Caves of Harishchandragad are one of the most beautifully carved Caves, the major attraction in this cave is the Long carving of Lord Vishnu. There is a lord ganesha temple too, it has intricate carvings and the most fascinating thing about this temple is that the entire temple is carved from one single rock. 

One Day Trek Available on request Harishchandragad, Maharashtra
What makes this event special
  • Visiting ancient Kedareshwar Cave
  • Spectacular view from the Konkankada
  • Taking blessings from Kedareshwar Temple
  • Blissful view of Taramati peak 
  • Majestic waterfalls and streams during monsoons
  • Lush green valley
  • Picturesque view of Konkan from Konkankada
  • Photography - be ready to get clicked.
  • So, unleash your wild side and get going.

Harishchandragad Fort Trek by Mischief Treks

Harishchandraged Fort Trek by Mischief Treks. Copyright: Mischief Treks. Source: www.mischieftreks.com

Charges for Harishchandragad Fort Trek 

  • Without Pickup and Drop: 950.00
    (Participants need to reach base Pachnai village in their own vehicle)
  • With Pickup and From Kasara Station: 1600.00
    (Pickup and drop in local jeep will be provided from Kasara Local Train station)

Harishchandragad Fort Trek Information

Height/Altitude 1421 Meters (4665 feet)
Base Village Paachnai Village, Maharashtra
Best Time to Visit June to March
Difficulty Level Easy Trek
Trek Distance 6 Kilometers 
Duration 5 hours
Charges/Fees INR 950 onwards
Trek Organised by  Mischief Treks | Mumbai


Dates and Rates
date & duration availability price
  • Sorry no more public batch Events available. You could get in touch with us at mischieftreks@gmail.com if you'd like to make a private batch booking.
  • Itinerary
    Timeline of the event.

    Meeting Point:  Kasara ticket booking counter window no 3, on platform 4
    Three hours prior to the event date and time, we will be creating a WhatsApp group for coordination purposes. Exact GPS locations for each pickup point, coordinator contact, will be shared in the group.

    Catch the Kasara Fast Local train from the station nearest to you
    Train timings:
    CSMT-9.32 pm
    Dadar-9.50 pm
    Kurla-10.00 pm
    Ghatkopar-10.06 pm
    Thane-10.27 pm
    Kalyan-11.01 pm
    Kasara-12.11 am

    Note: Those coming in own vehicle need to meet reach Baba da Dhaba before 12.25 am and follow our vehicle till the trek location in your own car/bike.

    Trek Schedule

    • Once the train reaches Kasara, meet the trek leader at Platform no 04. We'll head towards the pickup vehicles waiting for us outside the station. 
    • We'll be stopping at Baba Da Dhaba for washroom break around 12:45 am, post that we would be moving towards Pachnai - Base Village for Harishchangragad Trek. 
    • We'll be reaching there by 04:30 am, you can freshen up and have your breakfast till 05:30 am.
    • Post breakfast we will be having a short introduction and safety round and then we will start our trek.by 05:45 am.
    • We would be reaching Konkankada by 08:30 am, we would be exploring Konkankada and the view of Majestic Valley. 
    • We can then have Dabba - party here to refill our tummy and regain our energy levels and start descend by 10:30 am.
    • We will be reaching the base by 12:30 pm and have our lunch by approx 01:00 pm.
    • We'll be starting our return journey to Mumbai by 01:45 pm, we'll be reaching Kasara station by 04:50 pm.
    • Based in the time we reach Kasara station we can take one of the following trains for CSMT at: 05.03pm / 6.18pm / 8.15pm. Check train schedule to get ETA of arrival in Mumbai. 

    What we'll give. What we won't

    What is included in the tour

    • Travel by Private bus from Kasara to Harishchandragadh fort and back to Kasara ( If opted for )
    • Breakfast and Tea
    • Lunch - Vegetarian food 
    • Govt / Local Body Charges as applicable
    • Trek expertise charges
    • Basic First Aid
    • Panchayat Charges (as applicable)
    • NHAI Charges  (as applicable)

    What is NOT included in the tour

    • Any personal expenses such as soft drinks etc.
    • Anything other than mentioned inclusion.
    • Any emergency evacuations/rescue (if required)
    Things to Carry
    • Identity proof.
    • Good and reliable trekking shoes and extra pair of floaters.
    • Extra pair of clothes 
    • Water (minimum 2 Ltrs) Compulsory.
    • Torch with extra batteries - do not depend on the phone. 
    • Keep your phone fully charged.
    • Mosquito repellent (optional)
    • Medicines (if you need any), Glucon D / Electrol / Enerzyl Powder (We will have a basic first aid kit with us).
    • A haversack to put all your things. Your hands need to be free while trekking. 
    • And most imp thing, carry lot of enthusiasm and team spirit.
    Important Note
    • Please do not apply to join our group if the terms and details mentioned on this page are not agreeable to you.
    • Fitness: Please make sure you are Physically Fit to complete the event and BEFORE Booking you have gone through all the details, FAQ, Points to note, About Us, and Disclaimer.
    • Food: The food during the event is home cooked food provided by local villagers living in tribal (Aadivasi) region. If you are choosy, cranky and grumpy about food, please avoid joining this event.
    • Transport: Mischief treks does not own busses, Jeeps, Trains, or Flight. The transport options are hired by us just like people hire Ola/Uber/Auto/Taxi/Train. Any issues regarding the transport vehicles need to be addressed to concerned transport service provider. Pickup-and-Drop for the event is arranged only as "help"  towards common means to travel together, Mischief Treks does not provide transport services or takes any liability regarding the same. Our role and responsibility starts from base village where the trek conducted by us begins. 
    • Trekking Shoes: Wear reliable shoes with good grip, the sole of the shoe gets ripped off if the shoe is not in good condition. 
    • About us: Don't forget to check the About-Us page if you are new to trekking in Maharashtra. 
    • Punctuality: In any adventure or sport event punctuality and discipline is utmost important. If you are late in catching the train/bus/cab, you will miss-out the pickup and will be considered dropout. If you are travelling in your vehicle, you may miss joining the group you are late. This is a group event and will not be personalized as per your timing.
    • Discounts:  To be honest, Discounts and coupon codes are just a marketing trick to fool people. No one offers something below the pre-decided rate slab. The charges on website haven't yet been adjusted (inflated) to provide for discounts. Mentioned amount is the lowest actual charges and hence discounts are currently not possible. Each organiser charges a certain amount based on his understanding  regarding 'Worth' of his own event.
    • Batch Size: We Do-Not conduct trek with 100-150 people in the group. Our batch size is limited and we prefer to have a Non-Crowded group for safety reasons.
    • KYC Form: Once you have paid for the event you will receive a KYC form on WhatsApp as soon as your payment is verified by system. You need to submit this form within 3 hours of receiving the form. If you have booked for your friends too, you need to ask each of your friend to get this done. If you are booking just 1 day prior to event, the form needs to be submitted immediately to avoid any inconvenience (Refer FAQ section below) 

    CAUTION: Please be aware that even the easiest trek is fundamentally a "Trek," its not a Tour, Hike, or Picnic. It's crucial to understand that an unfit individual might struggle to complete even half of an easy trek. Based on our prior experiences, an unfit person might perceive an easy-grade trek as the most difficult trek. Prior to making a booking for the event, ensure that you are in good physical and mental condition for trekking.
    ​To understand What is Trek ( click here )

    How to Reach

    How to reach Paachnai Village and Harishchandragad:

    To get accurate travel info for reaching Harishchandragad Fort via Paachnai Village, as well as driving directions follow below mentioned steps

    1. Open Google search tab
    2. Type the following words in the search window "My location to Paachnai Village Harishchandragad distance"
    3. You shall get the exact time required to travel, modes of travel, and distance (kilometers) from your location.

    The distance from Mumbai to Paachnai vilage (base of Harishchandragad) is 201 Km which takes around 05 Hrs 10 min to reach by road.

    Location: Harishchandragad, Paachnai Village, Maharashtra

    Google Map Link : https://maps.app.goo.gl/1jeXYVcxh4EAgMJw7
    Reviews and Rating


    Aggregate Rating: 4.85 out of 5

    Rating count: 2431

    Detailed information

    Harishchandragad Fort Trek - (Paachnai Village route)

    Harishchandragad is situated in the Western Ghats of Maharashtra, India. It is one of the favorite trekking spots among outdoor enthusiasts and adventure seekers.

    Trek Difficulty:

    The trek to Harishchandragad is considered to be of moderate difficulty. It involves hiking through various terrains, including rocky patches and steep ascents, which might require a moderate level of physical fitness and endurance.

    Trekking Season:

    The best time to undertake the Harishchandragad trek is during the post-monsoon season, from October to February. The weather during this period is relatively cool and pleasant, making it suitable for trekking.

    Age and Fitness:

    The trek is open to people of various age groups, but it does involve some challenging sections that may not be suitable for very young children or elderly individuals. A reasonable level of fitness is recommended for a comfortable trekking experience.

    Trek Duration:

    The trek to Harishchandragad usually takes around 2 to 3 hours to reach the top, and roughly 2 hours to descend back to base village Pachnai.

    Cultural Aspects:

    Harishchandragad has historical significance and is home to ancient temples and caves. Trekkers may come across local villagers during the trek, offering a glimpse into the local culture and traditions.

    Group Size:

    Trekkers often undertake the Harishchandragad trek individually or in small groups of friends, but one should never go to trek locations on their own as it involves life-risk. Always plan to go for trekking with a professional and reputed trek group. The group size may vary based on the preference of the trekkers or the trekking organizers. Low cost trek groups have large batch size ranging from 80-150 people, if you don't like to be treated like sheep, avoid signing up on cheap deals.

    Ecological Considerations:

    Harishchandragad and its surrounding regions are ecologically sensitive areas with diverse flora and fauna. Trekkers are encouraged to follow responsible trekking practices, such as not littering and respecting the natural environment.

    Best Treks in Malshej Ghat for Monsoon:

    1. Kalu Waterfall Trek: Kalu waterfall trek takes you for a thrilling adventure to reach the base of the Majestic Kalu Waterfall in Malshej Ghat, Maharashtra. You will be crossing multiple short river streams, walking admist a dense forest. Then crossing Kalu River which is the most thrilling part of the trek to reach the final destination Kalu Waterfall.This trek is easy grade trek suitable for beginners and offers a thrilling experience.
    2. Aadrai Forest Waterfall Trek: Aadrai forest is a huge forest in Malshej region, Aadrai forest waterfall trek takes you to the top of Kalu waterfall and the same waterfall can be seen from multiple view points once you reach the top. This route has gained a lot of popularity in the last few years and every weekend there roughly 10000-15000 people visiting this route during monsoons. We have found a completely offbeat waterfall in the jungle and walk through a non crowded route to reach the waterfall. If you want to experience a non-crowded trek experience - click here
    3. Harishchandragad Trek: The initial part of the trek involves walking through dense forests, crossing streams, and ascending rocky patches. As you progress, you'll encounter fascinating rock-cut steps and caves, including the Kedareshwar Cave Temple, dedicated to Lord Shiva.The views from the Konkan Kada are absolutely breathtaking, especially during sunrise and sunset, making it a must-visit spot for photographers and nature lovers.The trek also leads to other prominent spots on the fort, such as the Taramati Peak and the ancient temple of Harishchandreshwar.
    4. Naneghat Reverse Waterfall Trek: The Naneghat Reverse Waterfall Trek is a unique experience that takes place during the monsoon season in the Western Ghats of Maharashtra. Naneghat is an ancient trade route known for its historical significance and breathtaking natural beauty. During the monsoon, as the region receives heavy rainfall, an interesting phenomenon occurs at Naneghat - the "reverse waterfall." Instead of water flowing down the mountain, the strong winds and upward drafts create an illusion of water flowing upwards, defying gravity. Once you reach the top, you can witness the mesmerizing reverse waterfall phenomenon if the weather conditions are favorable. 
    5. Ganpati Gadad Trek: Located in the Western-Ghats Sahyadri mountain range, this hidden gem offers an thrilling experience that combines natural beauty, adventure, and spiritual significance. With its easy-moderate difficulty level, the Ganpati Gadad trek is suitable for both avid trekkers and nature enthusiasts. Ganpati Gadad are a group of 6-7 caves near Dhasai, known to be built by Pandavas around 2500 years ago. The trek route is full of lush green Valleys, a long stretch of fields, majestic waterfalls, beautiful streams, water cisterns and Mesmerizing Waterfall that gushes from the top of the caves.

    Events by Mischief Treks 

    Update as on February 19, 2024: Weather conditions at Harishchandragad Fort

    The weather in the month of January and February is pleasant. The visibility is clear and night sky looks splendid. Average temperature for the day expected to be around 25°C. Mischief Treks has scheduled a special batch of group trek to Harishchandragad via Pachnai village on multiple dates starting from 24-Feb-2024 to 24-Mar-2024. If you are looking forward to visit Harishchandragad this can be best opportunity for you to grab. 


    Pickup point
    Harishchandragad, Maharashtra View on Map
    Cancellation, Rescheduling And Refund Policy
    • 90% will be refunded if canceled 15 days (360+ hrs) in advance.
    • 75% will be refunded if canceled 10 days (240+ hrs) in advance.
    • 50% will be refunded if canceled 05 days (120+ hrs) in advance.
    • 0% refund if canceled in less than 05 days (120 hours) of the event date and time.
    • 0% refund if the participant drops out, misses bus pickup, or does not reach the meeting point on the scheduled date and time.

    If the event itself gets canceled, you will be given the option to switch to any other event or any other date, OR you can opt for 100% refund. If you need to cancel your current booking and/or reschedule your booking to any other date, it can be done free of cost if the rescheduling request is sent 120 hours prior to the trek. From 0hrs - 120 hours prior to the event date and time, free rescheduling is not permitted. It will be counted as cancellation done in less than 120hours of the event date and time. It's a humble request, please do not give medical reasons, crib, argue or try to blackmail us if you drop out or cancel/reschedule the trek in the last 5 days. The basis of the cancelation policy is to protect the participant and also the organizers from undue financial losses arising out of unforeseen situations. If the event gets canceled due to the medical/personal emergency of the organising team member, the participants will NOT have to suffer financial loss. Similarly, if there is a medical/personal emergency at the participant's end, the organizing team will NOT have to suffer financial loss.