Kaas Pathar Booking (Kaas plateau) from Mumbai for the Valley of Flowers in Satara with travel in AC Bus and entry ticket. Dates: 21-Sep-2024 to 20-Oct-2024. Join us this Blossom season, to experience "Kaas Plateau - Heaven on earth" in it's peak beauty. The plateau is said to have hundreds of Species of Flowers blossom every year and is famous for the different variety of flowers. It is also a paradise for all the Photographers as they'll get to click nature in its Purest Form. So Pack your bags, get your Camera's ready and hop into our bus for this Tour. There is no trekking involved in this event.

Last Date for Kaas Flowering season in 2024

One-Day Tour: September 21, 2024
1-Night & 2-Days Tour: October 20, 2024 

Kaas - Valley Of Flowers - Summary 

 Tour Location Kaas Plateau, Maharashtra
 Best Time to Visit Sep-Oct, 2024
 Difficulty Level Easy - Tour 
Duration One-Day (Click Here)
Duration 1 Night - 2 Days (Click Here)
 Charges/Fees INR 750 onwards
 Suitable For All age groups
 Organised by  Mischief Treks
 Category Group Tour


1 Day 21 Sep and 21 Sep Kaas - Valley of Flowers
What makes this event special
  • Exploring Kaas pathar a.k.a Kaas Valley of Flowers
  • Witnessing more than 1000 variety of flowers blossom
  • Clicking pictures with butterflies and Flowers
  • Kaas Lake view
  • Kumudini Lake
  • Getting to see endangered species of plants too
  • Having local homecooked food provided by locals.
  • All the "Masti" which is a USP of Mischief Treks.

Kaas Plateau Tour from Mumbai | Valley of Flowers 

Kaas Plateau tour - Valley of Flowers from Mumbai in AC Bus online booking. Copyright: Mischief Treks | Mumbai

Click here for Photo Albumhttps://photos.app.goo.gl/Upb4fP2RqfYfLRFDA

For Latest Pictures of Kaas Pathar (click here)

Charges for Kaas Plateau Tour: 

  • Without Mumbai Pickup: ₹ 750 
    (Participants need to reach the base village in their own vehicle for the tour, transport and meals not included)
  • With AC Bus Pickup from Mumbai: ₹ 2599 
    (AC Bus Pickup and drop from Mumbai will be provided for the tour)
Dates and Rates
date & duration Variant availability price
Timeline of the event.

Meeting Point: Sngp Gate Borivali, Mumbai.
Three hours prior to the event date and time, we will be creating a WhatsApp group for coordination purposes. Exact GPS locations for each pickup point, coordinator contact, Live location of bus, etc will be shared in the group.

Kaas Pathar (Plateau) Bus (Mumbai to Kaas Pathar)

10:00 pm - Borivli  SGNP Gate
10:10 pm - Goregaon - Pathanwadi Oberoi Mall
10:20 pm - Andheri - Start of andheri flyover
10:30 pm - Bandra - Kala Nagar WEH Bus Stop
10:40 pm - Sion Station Gate
11:00 pm - Chembur - Shivaji Mahraj Statue
11:40 pm - Vashi - Opposite Center One Mall
11:50 pm - Kharghar - Hotel Three Star

(People traveling by their own vehicle have to meet our team at Hotel Three Star in Khargar at 11:50pm and follow our vehicle till the base village.)

Tour Schedule:

  • The Bus travel from Mumbai will start at 10:00 pm from Borivali.
  • We'll be reaching the base village by 07:00 am, You can freshen up at the breakfast point, have your breakfast. Post that we will be having instructions and introduction round and continue our journey towards Kaas Plateau.
  • Within 20 min drive we will reach Kaas Pathar around 7.30 am and explore the mesmerizing bed of flowers.
  • Kaas plateau area can be covered within 15 min brisk walking radius. You may take your own sweet time to cherish the beauty of the place.
  • Visit Kumudini Lake which is known for lotus flowers.
  • Post that we will move towards Kaas Lake by bus and spend some time at the lake
  • We'll be heading back to have lunch. 
  • Start our return journey back to Mumbai around 3:00 pm.
  • Reach Mumbai late evening approximately 10.30 pm depending on traffic conditions.
What we'll give. What we won't

What is included in the tour

  • Deluxe AC Bus pickup and drop from Mumbai
    (If opted)
  • Breakfast 
  • Lunch (Veg/Jain)
  • Evening Tea
  • Toll Charges, Taxes
  • Govt /local body fees.
  • Kaas Entry Fees 
  • Expertise Charges.
  • Basic First Aid

What is NOT included in the tour

  • Any other expenses that are not mentioned above.
  • If you have opted for Without Transport ticket, costing Rs.750, Bus pickup and Meals are not covered in the charges paid. 
  • If you have opted for With Pickup Ticket, all things mentioned in inclusion section are covered in charges paid.
Things to Carry
  • Identity proof.
  • Water (minimum 1 Ltrs) Compulsory.
  • Cap, sunglasses, scarf, extra clothes, and toiletries.
  • A haversack to put all your things. Your hands need to be free.
  • Medicines (if you need any), Glucon D / Electrol / Enerzyl Powder (We will have a basic first aid kit with us).
  • Keep your phone fully charged.
  • Mosquito repellent
  • Some ready-to-eat food like biscuits, plum cake, etc to keep your tummy happy.
  • Sense of respect for local culture and people.
  • And the most important thing, carry a lot of enthusiasm and team spirit.

You should not carry:

  • Trolley Bag/Suitcase
  • Jewelry or unnecessary expensive items 
  • Cribbing or Grumpy Attitude.
Important Note
  • Please do not apply to join with our group if the terms and details mentioned on this page are not agreeable to you.
  • Eligibility Condition:
    Please ensure, BEFORE Booking you have gone through all the details, FAQ, Points to note, About Us, and Disclaimer.
  • Fitness: Please make sure you are Physically and Mentally Fit to complete the event. 
  • Food: The food during the event is home cooked food provided by local villagers. If you are choosy, cranky and grumpy about food, please avoid joining this event.
  • Transport: Mischief treks does not own busses and the busses are hired just like people hire Ola/Uber/Auto/Taxi. The bus is a AC Seater bus and not a sleeper coach. Choice of seat is not available as this is a Group and not a Transport Company operated bus. Currently in India no group tour based even organiser is providing seat choice. Seats are occupied by the participants on first-come-first-serve basis. 
  • About us: Don't forget to check the About-Us page if you are new to trekking in Maharashtra. 
  • Punctuality: In any outdoor group event punctuality and discipline is utmost important. If you are late in catching the train/bus/cab, you will miss-out the pickup and will be considered dropout. If you are travelling in your vehicle, you may miss joining the group you are late. This is a group event and will not be personalized as per your timing.
  • Discounts:  To be honest, Discounts and coupon codes are just a marketing trick to fool people. No one offers something below the pre-decided rate slab. The charges on website haven't yet been adjusted (inflated) to provide for discounts. Mentioned amount is the lowest actual charges and hence discounts are currently not possible. Each organiser charges a certain amount based on his understanding  regarding 'Worth' of his own event.
  • Batch Size: We Do-Not conduct trek with 100-150 people in the group. Our batch size is limited and we prefer to have a Non-Crowded group for safety reasons.
  • KYC Form: Once you have paid for the event you will receive a KYC form on WhatsApp as soon as your payment is verified by system. You need to submit this form within 3 hours of receiving the form. If you have booked for your friends too, you need to ask each of your friend to get this done. If you are booking just 1 day prior to event, the form needs to be submitted immediately to avoid any inconvenience (Refer FAQ section below)
How to Reach

How to Reach Kaas Plateau - Kas Pathar:

To get accurate travel info for reaching Kaas Plateau/Pathar as well as driving directions follow below mentioned steps

  1. Open Google search tab
  2. Type the following words in the search window "My location to Kaas Pathar distance"
  3. You shall get the exact time required to travel, modes of travel, and distance (kilometers) from your location.
FAQ - Frequently Asked Questions

FAQ's for Kaas Plateau Tour - October 2024

Q: Have Flowers started Blooming at Kaas Plateau?

Ans. As per latest update on September 20, 2024 Flowers are at Full-Bloom at Kaas Pathar (plateau). Entire landscape is filled with millions of flowers creating a spectacular view. This season is expected to end by third or fourth of October. If you do not wish to miss the opportunity We suggest you to visit Kaas in first or second week of October. 

Q. How should I book/register for the Kaas Plateau Tour?

Ans. Its completely online process by Mischief Treks, once you click on the Book Now button on Kaas Tour event details page, the automated system will ask for your details and provide option to make payment. IF, the tickets are Not available for a given date, it will display 'Sold Out.' You still can send a request to book, and in case of cancellation in existing bookings, we will be able to take up your booking request.

Q: When is Kaas Plateau open for visitors?

Ans. Kaas Pathar also known as Kaas plateau is open for visitors from 08:00 am to 06:00 pm. The season for 2024 starts from September 20, 2024 and the season ends around October 20, 2024. Entry charges are Rupees 150.00 per person.

Daily time-slots for Visitors:

  • Slot 1: 07:00-11:00 Hrs
  • Slot 2: 11:00-15:00 Hrs
  • Slot 3: 15:00-18:00 Hrs

Per slot only 1000 visitors will be allowed to enter the plateau. Online booking is compulsory and can be done on Mischief Treks website.

Q. If I have opted for "with transport", which vehicle will be provided?

Ans. Transport from Mumbai is provided by AC Seater Deluxe Bus. The bus capacity varies with reference to participant count. 20 seater, 35 Seater, 45 seater etc. 

Q. Is AC Sleeper Bus available for Kaas Pathar (plateau)?

Ans. Currently the Sleeper-Bus service from any city in Maharashtra to Kaas Pathar is not available. As of October 2024, AC and Non-AC seater busses are available to travel till Kaas. By 2026 plans are being considered to start sleeper-bus service from Mumbai to Kaas Pathar.

Q. What is Kaas Pathar/Kaas Plateau famous for?

Ans. Kaas is famous for its Unique flowers, there are many endangered species too, various types of seasonal wild flowers bloom and numerous species of endemic butterflies annually in the months of August and September

Q. Can someone read out all details for me on phone?

Ans. All the details are mentioned on this page itself, once you scroll up you will all info on your screen. Sorry we do not verbally provide details on phone as it usually creates  lot of misunderstanding and miscommunication. Also, its extremely important to read and understand all the details before you book the event so that you have absolute clarity. If  something mentioned on this page is  confusing , you can get clarity on chat by clicking on chat with us button on top. To discuss things that are not mentioned on this website we can arrange a callback from one of our trek leaders.

Q: How far do we have to walk from the parking to see the Flowers at Kaas?

Ans. Well, get ready for a short stroll. To spot those mesmerizing flowers, we usually walk for about 5-15 minutes (approximately 20 meters to 400 meters). It's a pleasant walk that leads us to the magical meadow.

Q: Do we have to climb or trek uphill to spot the Flowers?

Ans. No worries, my friend! There's no need for rock climbing or uphill treks to witness the flowers at Kaas. The walk through the forest/Normal road is mostly on level ground, allowing you to experience in the beauty without breaking a sweat.

Q: Will there be washrooms during the Kaas Tour?

Ans. At the breakfast point, we will have a basic washroom available. Around 1-2 am we will stop for a washroom break of 20 min on the highway. Next washroom break will be at Breakfast point around 6am for one hour. Next washroom is available at Kaas Plateau gate. For lunch, around 1-2 pm we will halt at a hotel in Kaas Region. 

Q: Will I get to take a Shower/Bath/Change at the Breakfast point?

Ans. No, There are No changing rooms/Bathing Facility available at the breakfast point, Taking shower/Bath is time consuming and we will be short on time so we cannot wait for all 25-30 participants to take shower.

Q: Can we leave our luggage in the bus during Kaas Tour?

Ans. Yes, During Kaas Tour you can keep the extra luggage in the bus while you take a stroll to witness flowers at the plateau.

Q: Is there Bathing facility available at the breakfast point??

Ans. No, Bathing Facility is not available at the breakfast point or the lunch point. 

Q. Is Kaas Plateau Tour safe for solo participants? 

Ans. Yes Kaas Plateau Tour is safe and comfortable. Mostly 40% of the participants come solo and blend in with the trek leaders and the rest of the group.  

Q. Is Kaas Plateau Tour safe for girls? 

Ans. Mischief Treks has a track record of making our tours, trekking and camping events extremely safe for girls. Normally 60% to 75% of our participants are females. Apart from standard risks of any adventure activity, Mischief Treks events are safe for girls, women, kids and especially Men.

Q: What are the kids' charges for Kaas Plateau Tour?

Ans. The Charges for kids depend on multiple factors, Would the kid require a separate seat while traveling on the bus, If yes the charges would be Rs.2500 -OR- Will the parent carry the kid on his/her lap during the bus Journey throughout the night? In this case the charges would be 750. These Charges need to be paid on Gpay after the parents have booked their tickets. 

Q. Can we pay in cash or installment for Kaas Plateau Tour?

Ans. Sorry we do not accept cash payments. Online booking is compulsory and has to be done well in advance on the official website of Mischief Treks | Mumbai. 

Q. What is the last date of booking the Kaas Plateau Tour?

Ans. Bookings close once tickets are sold out. Ideally you need to book at least 3-4 days in advance. Online booking for Kaas Plateau needs to be done on www.mischieftreks.com

Q. What is provided in meals at Kaas?

Ans. Breakfast generally consists of Poha and tea. Lunch will consist of Roti, seasonal Vg, Dal, Rice, Papad and pickle. The food is prepared by local villagers of Kaas and has amazing local taste for each food item. Thousands of people have expressed their love for this basic local food. But, If you have special taste buds inclined towards restaurant or chef prepared food, please avoid joining this event conducted by Mischief Treks.

Q. How many people will be coming for Kaas Plateau Tour?

Ans. Depends on the number of people booking the event. Generally, the batch size is approximately 30-40 participants. It is a Public place and we have no access to data on other organizers' bookings hence we cannot comment on the exact number of people planning to visit this place on a given date.

Q. Can kids participate in Kaas Plateau Tour?

Ans. Age does not matter, Fitness and adaptation is extremely Important. This event is suitable for kids who like nature and would like to explore. If you are planning to join in with a kid , I recommend you to go through this Check this Blog: https://www.mischieftreks.com/can-kids-trek-in-maharashtra

Q. How do we get in touch after reaching meeting point? 

Ans. We will be creating a WhatsApp group for coordination where you will be provided all the necessary information regarding contact person, exact point to meet etc.

Q: What details will be shared in the WhatsApp group?

Ans. Only the Final Coordination Details like, GPS Location of the Pickup point, contact details about the event leader, Live Location of the bus once the event leader reaches the 1st pickup point, and then the final important thing Coordination for Bus pickup will be done/shared in the WhatsApp group. All the other details are already available on the event details page.

Q: Is Kaas Plateau worth visiting?

Ans. Yes Kaas Plateau is a place that you must definitely have on your checklist,  Kaas has been awarded a UNESCO World Heritage Site tag for its stunning biodiversity. From pretty orchids to the wild and carnivorous Drosera Indica, there are more than 850 species of plants that bloom only in September. Kaas is a volcanic Plateau, When it comes to UNESCO world heritage Sites, Maharashtra's very own valley of flowers at Kaas has its own unique micro climate due to which during the last phase of monsoon, it becomes home for thousands of flower varieties, some of which are endemic only to the plateau.

Q. What if there are less flowers or no flowers, will we get a refund? - OR -  will we have to pay extra if there are much more flowers than expected??

Ans. Any event including Kaas Tour that is based on natural occurrence or natural phenomenon eg. Snowing, Raining, Flower blooming, Cloud formation etc.. is not in our control. You need to book such events only if you are willing to take that chance. Natural phenomenon cannot be assured from our end, nor is part of inclusions of the charges.  The flowers in Kaas can be completely destroyed if it rains heavily or if its too hot, sunny and dry. Weather conditions can change overnight and this can result in early blooming or late blooming of flowers.

Q. I have booked/paid for the event, is my booking confirmed for the event? 

Ans. No !, your booking can become invalid if you do not submit the "Most Important Details" required for emergency situations. For any Trek/Adventure event the organizers need to have your details at least 24 hours prior to the event. We do not allow anyone to the campsite until we have complete and authentic details of the person. This info is crucial in case of an emergency and is a mandatory KYC parameter. The link for the "personal details form" will be sent on WhatsApp immediately after you complete the booking instructions mentioned on the website. Submitting incomplete/incorrect/fake details in the form will make your booking invalid and no refund will be provided in such case. 

Q. Why is submitting emergency contact details and KYC information mandatory?

Ans. Its a standard protocol and also a guideline by Govt of India. We are accountable for every "Human-Body" present at our campsite or trek is our responsibility and in case of any unfortunate event we will be asked by authorities to provide all relevant information about you. In order to comply with the authorities we have to take authentic information from you. Fake/Incomplete information or non-submission of the details will make your ticket (paid amount) invalid and no refund will be provided in such case. You will not be allowed to participate in the event. 

Q: Can I board the bus even if I have not paid for the pickup and drop option?

Ans. No, you cannot use the bus if you have not paid for it. If you like to board the bus from any pickup point during the entire tour, you need to select the pickup/drop option. If you are not entering the bus anywhere throughout the event, and you will be using your own vehicle to travel, you need to select the without pickup option. 

Q. Does the cancellation policy/rescheduling policy apply to me if I book on event day or last day?

Ans:  Yes, the policy is applicable irrespective of the booking date. The cancellation / reschedule policy is applicable to everyone with immediate effect from the date and time of booking. The refunds/rescheduling requests will be processed based on the date and time of cancellation/reschedule request sent to us and the date and time of booking the event are irrelevant. 

Q. What if there is an issue with transport,  i.e. the bus breaks down, AC is not working, tyre gets punctured? will we get a refund?

 Ans. Mischief Treks as a team conducts treks only. All the support functions like transport, food etc are sourced from various other vendors to help the participants have it streamlined. Equipment failure can happen any time with any piece of machinery and we can try to get a replacement/repair from the vendor. This may consume time and the trek leader may decide to continue the trek as deemed fit to get the event completed. We as well as the participants have to bare with it. There are no refunds possible in such case. The Trek leader's decision to terminate the trek or continue the trek with available resources will be final and binding. 

Q. We are coming by our own vehicle for the event, where should we reach for Kaas Plateau Tour?

Ans. You need to reach the Meeting point at scheduled meeting time. This is where we will be meeting, from here you can follow our vehicles. You will be given exact coordinates after you finish booking formalities. We will be creating a WhatsApp group for coordination, you will be provided all relevant details in the group. Please do not be late, we cannot keep other participants waiting. If you are not able to reach on time you will be considered a Drop-Out and no refund will be provided in such case. 

Q. Will we be returning at exact time mentioned in the itinerary?

Ans. The Itinerary is for reference purpose only, it is based on average time taken during our previous events. Actual timeline for a particular date depends on Weather conditions, Traffic Conditions, Participants speed and endurance.

Q: Are pets allowed in Kaas Plateau Tour?

Ans. We don't mind, but the stray dogs cause trouble for all other participants when they sense presence of any outsider animal in their territory. If this happens we will have to ask the pet to be taken away from location. Hence we highly recommend not bringing any pets into any forest region.

Q: Will we have to pay extra for entry fees at the Kaas Tour?

Ans. We will be getting the booking done from our end and no extra fees needs to be paid at the Kaas event for entry in Kaas Plateau. 

Q: How do I go to Kaas Plateau?

Ans. For entering Kaas you'll require pass, these passes are available online in limited numbers, you'll have to do online registration for this. Incase you join us we'll be taking care of this part and getting your registration done on time. 

Q: What is special in Satara?

Ans. Satara is famous for the Kaas Plateau, Thoseghar, Sajjangad, Vajrai and a lot of natural sites present in the vicinity of the city.

Q: How to reach Kaas from Mumbai?

Ans. It takes 05 hrs 22 mins to reach Kaas from Mumbai, Kaas plateau is 282.2 Km away from Mumbai.

Q: How to reach Kaas from Pune?

Ans. It takes 03 hrs and 20 mins to reach Kaas from Pune, Kaas plateau is 139 km away from Mumbai.

Q: What are the parking Charges at Kaas Pathar/ Kaas Plateau?

Ans. Parking Charges for Bus parking is 50 Rs and for Car is 20 Rs. 

Q: What is the origin of Kaas Plateau?

Ans. Kaas Plateau also known as the "Kaas Pathar" is situated in the Western Ghat's Sahyadri range, 22 km from Satara city in the state of Maharashtra, India. The name Kaas originates from Kaasa tree. As the leaves of this tree mature, they turn from green to red.

Q. What is the basis of cancellation/reschedule policy in case of medical or personal emergency of participant or organizing team?

Ans:  The cancellation policy is based on fairness towards the participant and the organizing team. In case of medical/personal emergency, the loss arising out of cancellation/reschedule will be borne by the respective person. i.e. if the organizing team faces an emergency situation and the event gets canceled, the participant will not have to suffer financial loss. Similarly, if the participant faces an emergency situation, the organizing team will not have to suffer financial loss. The cancellation policy is designed with a completely unbiased approach towards the participant and organizing team and is aimed at fairness towards both.


Reviews and Rating


Aggregate Rating: 4.85 out of 5

Rating count: 2431

Detailed information

Best time to visit Kaas pathar/plateau is during Flowering Season 

Timing is crucial if you wish to see Kaas in all its natural splendor. The best time to visit is October, although the flowering starts from mid-Sep and lasts until end of October. During the flowering season from Mid-Sep to early October, a riot of colors will treat the eyes. By the fourth week of October almost 90 percent of flowers are gone, Better visit next year.

Kaas Plateau (Pathar) Booking 2024 (Online)

Kaas Pathar Online Booking 2023, also known as Kaas plateau Valley of flowers.

Online ticket booking for Kaas Plateau also known as Kaas Pathar Tour starts from September 20, 2024. Bookings can be done on www.mischieftreks.com for tickets from Mumbai. AC Bus tickets for Pickup and drop from Mumbai are available for booking.

Valley Of Flowers ❤️

Event Start Dates: 20-Sep-2024, 27-Sep-2024, 04-Oct-2024, 11-Oct-2024, and 18-Oct-2024.

Location: Kaas plateau, Satara, Maharashtra. 

Event Location Map: https://maps.app.goo.gl/LgbL8bFRmJkZyzbk8

Charges: INR 750.00 Onwards

Online Booking:  Event Link   

Places to visit near Kaas Pathar, Satara, Maharashtra (Kaas plateau)

Kumudini Lake

Kumudini Lake looks like a perl surrounded by vibrant flowers, its famous for naturally growing Lotus flower in the lake

Kaas Lake

Kaas Lake is right next to Kaas Plateau in Satara and is famous for amazing and sunset aswell as sunrise views.

Kaas Pathar

Kaas pathar also known as Kaas Plateau is located in Satara District of Maharashtra. Its famous for naturally growing flowers

Kaas Plateau

Kaas Plateau also known as Kaas Pathar is located in Satara District of Maharashtra. Its famous for naturally growing flowers

Ekiv Waterfall

Ekiv Waterfall is active during monsoon only and it's one of the most popular locations near Kaas Plateau in Satara

Vajrai Waterfalls

Located in Satara district of Maharashtra, Vajrai Waterfall is also known as Bhambavli Waterfall is second highest plunge waterfall in India

Thoseghar Waterfalls

Located in Satara district of Maharashtra, Thoseghar waterfalls are a set of waterfalls with breathtaking views during Monsoon Season

Kelavali Waterfall

Located in Satara district of Maharashtra, Kelavali Watterfalls are a favourite destination for people visiting Kaas Plateau.

Chalkewadi Wind Mill Farm

Located in Satara district of Maharashtra, The Wind Mill farm not only generates power but also has generated lot of interest amongst photographers


Vasota Fort in Satara is famous for trekking, hiking, camping, and boating. The fort can be reached via Bamnoli, Indavli, or Waghali Village on banks of Koyna River Backwaters.

Sajjangad Fort

Sajjangad Fort in Satara district of Maharashtra is famous for 213 steps to reach the peak, The view from top is splendid.

Heritagewadi (Heritage Wadi, Satara)

Heritagewadi is one of premium hotels and resorts near Kaas Plateau in Satara District of Maharashtra. Its famous for its tribal ambience.

Shivsagar Lake

Shivsagar lake is part of Koyna river and is famous for boating and wildlife safari tours. Its surrounded by hills and forest of Western Ghats in India.

Koyna Dam

Koyna Dam built on Koyna River starting from Mahabaleshwar, is one of the largest Dams in Maharashtra and is the largest Hydroelectric Power Plant in India.

Koyna Wildlife Sanctuary

Koyna Wildlife Sanctury in Satara Dristrict is a UNESCO world Heritage Site. Its home to several wild animals, birds and reptiles. Flora and Fauna here are unique in nature.

Update: Flowers are at Full-Blooming phase at Kaas Pathar (plateau)

The season for flowers blooming at the Valley of flowers will start in September 2024. Kaas Pathar Booking (Kaas plateau) from Mumbai for the Valley of Flowers in Satara with travel in AC Bus and entry ticket. Dates: 21-Sep-2024 to 20-Oct-2024

Pickup point
Kaas Pathar, Kaas Road, Kas, Maharashtra, India View on Map
Cancellation, Rescheduling And Refund Policy
  • 90% will be refunded if canceled 15 days (360+ hrs) in advance.
  • 75% will be refunded if canceled 10 days (240+ hrs) in advance.
  • 50% will be refunded if canceled 05 days (120+ hrs) in advance.
  • 0% refund if canceled in less than 05 days (120 hours) of the event date and time.
  • 0% refund if the participant drops out, misses bus pickup, does not reach the meeting point on the scheduled date and time.

If the event itself gets canceled, you will be given the option to switch to any other event or any other date, Or you can opt for 100% refund. If you need to cancel your current booking and/or reschedule your booking to any other date, it can be done free of cost if the rescheduling request is sent 120 hours prior to the trek. From 0hrs - 120 hours prior to trek date and time, free rescheduling is not permitted. It will be counted as cancellation done in less than 120hours of event date and time. It's a humble request, please do not give medical reasons, crib, argue or try to blackmail us if you drop out or cancel/reschedule the trek in the last 5 days. The basis of the cancelation policy is to protect the participant and also the organizers from undue financial losses arising out of unforeseen situations. If the event gets canceled due to the medical/personal emergency of the organising team member, the participants will not have to suffer financial loss. Similarly, if there is a medical/personal emergency at the participant's end, the organizing team will not have to suffer financial loss.