Cliff-Jumping at Kalmandavi Waterfall Trek at 142km from Mumbai. The difficulty level is Easy grade and it's suitable for beginners, solo travelers, and girls. Join us this season for a beautiful Hidden Waterfall trek, You can enjoy Cliff Jumping with all the safety and guidance. This will provide you the raw and real experience of trekking. Beat the Summer heat with our Hidden Waterfall Trek to Kalmandavi Waterfall. It’s a beautifully cascading 100-meter-deep waterfall. 

Best time to visit Kalmandavi secret hidden Waterfall for cliff jumping is during October to May. Difficulty level is Easy grade, and at short distance from Mumbai. It's safe and suitable for girls, women, and solo travelers. Other Popular are Devkund, Nanemachi, Aadrai, Kalsubai, Dudhsagar. Kalsubai Trek, Harihar Fort Trek, and Kothaligad Fort Trek.

NOTE: This waterfall is "Unsafe" to visit during rainy season. Last batch of summer 2024 is scheduled on May 26,2024.

Beware of "Chapri" groups on Instagram, luring people using cheap-tricks like discounts or offers tailored to mislead specific genders. These "Chapri" category people generally use stolen or unauthorised reposted images/videos/text content.

Always research about compatibility and "category" of the trek group you plan to join. After all, you will be spending entire duration of the trek in company of the group you choose. 

As per our experience "People often opt for groups that match their mindset -OR- sometimes by mistake get carried away by cheap manipulative marketing."

Kalmandavi Waterfall Trek Summary

Height/Altitude 721 ft (220 m)
Base Location Jawhar, Palghar
Best time to visit October to May
Difficulty Level Easy-Moderate
Trek length 900 Meters 
Duration 30 minutes
Fee INR 750 onwards
Batch Size 25 Participants
Trek Organised by  Mischief Treks


One Day Trek 26 May Kalmandavi Waterfall, Maharashtra
What makes this event special
  • Non-Crowded Batch.
  • A beautiful Cascading 100m Deep waterfall
  • Easy grade trek for Summers
  • Cliff Jumping with Life Jackets
  • Multiple Natural Pools for diving.
  • AC Bus pickup from Mumbai
  • Clean Flowing Waterfall During Summer
  • Easy Grade 30 mins Trek suitable for people of all age group.

Cliff Jumping at Kalmandavi Waterfall Trek

Kalmandavi Hidden Waterfall Trek by Mischief Treks from Mumbai. Copyright: Mischief Treks. Source: www.mischieftreks.com

Album link:  https://photos.app.goo.gl/Z6fRHadzH6kN3iAw7

Charges for Kalmandavi Waterfall Trek: 

  • Without Pickup: ₹ 750 
    (Participants need to reach the base village in their own vehicle)
  • Pickup from Mumbai: ₹ 1400 
    (AC Bus Pickup and Drop from Mumbai will be provided)

Explanation of Charges: The above charges are per person charges. Kindly refer inclusions section on this page for detailed information about things included.

⚠️ Eligibility Condition

  • If you wish to apply for being part of our group during Fireflies Festival, you need to "Read" and "Understand" the Details, FAQ's, Inclusions, Important Note, About-us, etc... 
  • Do not book this event if the details mentioned are not agreeable to you, OR if you do not have time to read and be AWARE of what you are signing up for.
Dates and Rates
date & duration availability price
Timeline of the event.

Meeting Point:
Reporting time: Dadar - 05:00 am

Self Drive: 
Those coming by own car need to reach Virar Phata by 06:45 am and follow our vehicle till trek location (Those travelling by own vehicle to the base village).  

Travel Coordination: Three hours prior to the event date and time, we will be creating a WhatsApp group for coordination purposes. Exact GPS locations for each pickup point, coordinator contact, Live location of bus, etc will be shared in the group.

Bus Pickup points

05:00 am:  Dadar East - Grand Mama's Cafe
05:15 am:  Bandra - Kala Nagar WEH Bus Stop
05:25 am:  Andheri - WEH Metro Station Bus Stop
05:35 am:  Goregaon - Pathanwadi Oberoi Mall
05:50 am:  Borivli - Omkareshwar temple / National park bus stop. 
06:10 am:  GhodBundar (Fountain Hotel) 
06:35 am:  Vasai Phata
06:45 am:  Virar Phata - Those coming by own vehicle need to meet here, and follow our vehicle till the trek location (approx 90km) in their own vehicle.

Hidden Waterfall Trek Schedule:

  • Reach Breakfast point freshen-up, use washrooms, change clothes if need be.
  • After breakfast we will have a short introduction and safety instructions session and proceed to waterfall location.
  • Once we reach the waterfall trek start point, there will be a short trek of roughly 30 mins to reach precise location for cliff jumping.
  • We will have lot of time to spend in water where you can have as many jumps as you like. 
  • We will start moving back around 12:00 pm. from the waterfall and head towards bus parking location and proceed for Lunch.
  • After having Lunch and  we will commence our return journey to Mumbai by 02:00 pm
  • Reach Dadar tentatively by 06:00 pm depending on traffic conditions.
What we'll give. What we won't

What is included in the tour

  • Private Bus Transport - AC 
    (If opted for)
  • Trek and Cliff Jumping
  • Life Jackets for the Jump
  • Breakfast and Tea
  • Veg Lunch
  • Govt / Local Body Charges as applicable
  • Trek expertise charges
  • Basic First Aid

What is NOT included in the tour

  • Any personal expenses such as soft drinks etc.
  • Any emergency evacuations/rescue (if required)
  • Any other expenses that are not mentioned above.
Things to Carry
  1. Identity proof.
  2. Good and reliable trekking shoes and extra pair of floaters.
  3. Water (minimum 2 Ltrs) Compulsory.
  4. Keep your phone fully charged.
  5. Mosquito repellent (optional)
  6. Some ready-to-eat food like biscuits, plum cake, etc to keep your tummy happy.
  7. Medicines (if you need any), Glucon D / Electrol / Enerzyl Powder (We will have a basic first aid kit with us).
  8. A haversack to put all your things. Your hands need to be free while trekking. 
  9. And most imp thing, carry lot of enthusiasm and team spirit.
Important Note
  • Please make sure you are physically fit to complete the event and "Before booking" you have read, understood, and agreed to all the Points to note, Details, Terms, Disclaimer, and things explained in FAQs. 
  • Washroom and place to change clothes available at breakfast/lunch point.
How to Reach

How to Reach Kalmandavi Waterfall in Jawhar, Palghar from Mumbai

  • By Car: From Mumbai, drive on Mumbai-Ahmedabad national highway NH 48 till Manor and take a right on MH SH 79, You will reach Kalmandavi waterfall after covering the total distance of 142KM in approximately 3 hours journey.
  • By Bus: Board a bus to Jawhar from Mumbai Central and get off at Jawhar bus station. From there, hire a local vehicle to Kalmandavi Waterfall.
  • By Train: Nearest railway station is Igatpuri. From Igatpuri, one can hire a cab to reach Jawhar and then to Kalmandavi Waterfall. Also, The same can be done from Palghar railway station

Trekking experts recommend that the best way to reach Kalmandavi Waterfall is the pick and drop option provided by Mischief Treks.

Map Location:

Link - Kalmandavi Waterfall
FAQ - Frequently Asked Questions

Points to Note and FAQ's For Kalmandavi Hidden Waterfall Trek

Following are the frequently asked questions regarding Hidden secret summer waterfall trek and cliff jumping.

Q. How many people will be coming for Kalmandavi Hidden Waterfall Trek?

Ans. Depends on the number of people booking the event. Generally, the batch size is approximately 20-25 participants. It is a Public place and we have no access to data on other organizers' bookings hence we cannot comment on the exact number of people planning to visit this place on a given date.

Q. Can kids participate in Kalmandavi Hidden Waterfall Trek?

Ans. Age does not matter, Fitness and adaptation is extremely Important. Once we had a 4 year old girl who completed entire trek easily, and sometimes even 22-25 year old people cant complete 10% of the event . If you are planning to trek with a kid , I recommend you to go through this Check this Blog: https://www.mischieftreks.com/can-kids-trek-in-maharashtra

Q. Is Kalmandavi Hidden Waterfall Trek safe for solo participants? 

Ans. Yes, Kalmandavi waterfall Trek and cliff jumping at this secret hidden summer waterfall in Jawhar region of Palghar is safe for girls, women and solo participants travelling alone. Mostly 40% of the participants come solo and blend in with the trek leaders and the rest of the group.  

Q. Is Kalmandavi Hidden Waterfall Trek safe for girls? 

Ans. Mischief Treks has a track record of making our trekking and camping events extremely safe for girls. Normally 60 – 75 % of our participants are females. Apart from standard risks of any adventure activity, Mischief Treks events are safe for girls, women, kids and especially Men.

Q. How long is Kalmandavi Hidden Waterfall Trek?

Ans. Normally it takes one hour to ascend and one hours to descend. 

Q. Can we pay in cash or installment ?

Ans. Sorry we do not accept cash payments. For installment scheme you will have to pay one-time processing fee of Rs.500 per person. 

Q. What is the last date of booking the Trek?

Ans. Bookings close once tickets are sold out. Ideally you need to book atleast 2-3 days in advance. 

Q. How should I book Kalmandavi Hidden Waterfall Trek?

Ans. All you have to do is press the book now button on this page and follow the instructions.

Q. How do we get in touch after reaching meeting point? 

Ans. We will be creating a whatsapp group for coordination where you will be provided all the necessary information regarding contact person, exact point to meet etc..

Q. Will we be returning at exact time mentioned in the itinerary?

Ans. The Itinerary is for reference purpose only, it is based on average time taken during our previous events. Actual timeline for a particular date depends on Weather conditions, Traffic Conditions, Participants speed and endurance.  

Q. Where is the hidden waterfall cliff jumping near Mumbai?

Ans. This hidden waterfall is known as Kalmandavi Waterfall, located at Jawhar in Palghar district of Maharashtra, India. The distance from Mumbai to Kalmandavi secret hidden waterfall is 142 Kilometers which takes approximately 1 hour 32 minutes to reach. Online booking is available on Mischief Treks website for visit to this Summer Waterfall. 

Q. Is there water in Kalmandavi waterfall in Summer?

Ans. Yes, The Kalmandavi hidden waterfall has good amount of water even in summer season of April 2024 and it may last till May 2024. Cliff Jumping can be done throughout the month of April and May 2024. This waterfall at Jawhar in Palghar district is one of the best waterfalls near Mumbai.

Q.  Can someone read out details for me on phone?

Ans. All the details are mentioned on this page itself, once you scroll up you will all info on your screen. Sorry we do not verbally provide details on phone as it usually creates  lot of misunderstanding and miscommunication. Also, its extremely important to read and understand all the details before you book the event so that you have absolute clarity. If  something mentioned on this page is  confusing , you can get clarity on chat by clicking on chat with us button on top. To discuss things that are not mentioned on this website we can arrange a callback from one of our trek leaders.

Q. If I have opted for "with transport", which vehicle will be provided?

Ans. Transport from Mumbai is generally provided by bus. The bus capacity varies with reference to participant count. 17 seater, 26 Seater, 32 seater etc .. , if the participant count is low we may opt for Qualis/Sumo/ Tavera for transport     

Q. Does the cancellation policy/rescheduling policy apply to me if I book on event day or last day?

Ans:  Yes, the policy is applicable irrespective of the booking date. The cancellation / reschedule policy is applicable to everyone with immediate effect from the date and time of booking. The refunds/rescheduling requests will be processed based on the date and time of cancellation/reschedule request sent to us and the date and time of booking the event are irrelevant. 

Q. What is the basis of cancellation/reschedule policy in case of medical or personal emergency of participant or organizing team?

Ans:  The cancellation policy is based on fairness towards the participant and the organizing team. In case of medical/personal emergency, the loss arising out of cancellation/reschedule will be borne by the respective person. i.e. if the organizing team faces an emergency situation and the event gets canceled, the participant will not have to suffer financial loss. Similarly, if the participant faces an emergency situation, the organizing team will not have to suffer financial loss. The cancellation policy is designed with a completely unbiased approach towards the participant and organizing team and is aimed at fairness towards both.

Q. What if there is an issue with transport,  i.e. the bus breaks down, AC is not working, tyre gets punctured? will we get a refund?

 Ans. Mischief Treks as a team conducts treks only. All the support functions like transport, food etc are sourced from various other vendors to help the participants have it streamlined. Equipment failure can happen any time with any piece of machinery and we can try to get a replacement/repair from the vendor. This may consume time and the trek leader may decide to continue the trek as deemed fit to get the event completed. We as well as the participants have to bare with it. There are no refunds possible in such case. The Trek leader's decision to terminate the trek or continue the trek with available resources will be final and binding. 

Q. We are coming by our own vehicle for the event, where should we reach for Kalmandavi Hidden Waterfall Trek?

Ans. You need to reach the Meeting point at scheduled meeting time. This is where we will be meeting, from here you can follow our vehicles. You will be given exact coordinates after you finish booking formalities. We will be creating a WhatsApp group for coordination, you will be provided all relevant details in the group. Please do not be late, we cannot keep other participants waiting. If you are not able to reach on time you will be considered a Drop-Out and no refund will be provided in such case. 

Q. What are the different ways to participate in Mischief Treks events?

Ans: Participation in Mischief Treks events/activities establishes a participatory relationship rather than a consumer relationship, because it involves engaging in group activities and the participation does not constitute to purchase of goods or services. Here are the detailed participation options:
As a Participant: You can join specific activities/events by carefully reading and understanding the event details carefully and registering through the event page, where a payment will be required. This option is for those who wish to join individual events without long-term commitments.
As a Permanent Member: After participating in 20 or more activities/events, a participant will qualify for permanent membership, which comes with distinct payment terms communicated directly to members. This status recognizes your continued engagement and offers benefits accordingly.
As a Volunteer: If you're interested in supporting the events without participating financially, you can apply to be a volunteer with Mischief Treks. The volunteers are selected based on the needs of each event and they can join without making a payment, emphasizing the communal and supportive aspect of participation.
As an Affiliate Referral: Through this program, affiliates can refer individuals to participate in activities/events, supporting the community's growth. This option highlights the collaborative nature of Mischief Treks' activities.
Note: Customization of activities/events is available upon request, requiring separate registration. This ensures that all participants' unique needs and interests are accommodated, further underlining the participatory essence of Mischief Treks' operations.

Q: I have booked/paid for the event, is my booking confirmed for ? 

Ans. No !, your booking can become invalid if you do not submit the "Most Important Details" required for emergency situations. For any Trek/Adventure event the organizers need to have your details at least 24 hours prior to the event. We do not allow anyone to the campsite until we have complete and authentic details of the person. This info is crucial in case of an emergency and is a mandatory KYC parameter. The link for the "personal details form" will be sent on WhatsApp immediately after you complete the booking instructions mentioned on the website. Submitting incomplete/incorrect/fake details in the form will make your booking invalid and no refund will be provided in such case. 

Q. Why is submitting emergency contact details and KYC information mandatory?

Ans. Its a standard protocol and also a guideline by Govt of India. We are accountable for every "Human-Body" present at our campsite or trek is our responsibility and in case of any unfortunate event we will be asked by authorities to provide all relevant information about you. In order to comply with the authorities we have to take authentic information from you. Fake/Incomplete information or non-submission of the details will make your ticket (paid amount) invalid and no refund will be provided in such case. You will not be allowed to participate in the event.

Q. Which are the best waterfall treks near Mumbai?

Ans. Mumbai has several waterfalls during monsoon season and some are open in summer too. Some of the most popular waterfalls are as follows:-

Mischief Treks Secret waterfall is also one of the most desired locations in Monsoon. Rappelling activities are also done during monsoons in most of the waterfalls near Mumbai. 

Reviews and Rating


Aggregate Rating: 4.85 out of 5

Rating count: 2431

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Detailed information

Update as on May 02, 2024

Kalmandavi is one of the rare few active waterfalls in Maharashtra available for visiting during summer season. Mischief Treks has been organizing group trek at Kalmandavi Waterfall located in Jawhar, Palghar. Multiple batches have been scheduled for every weekend starting March 31, 2024 to May 26, 2024. The weather in the month of May is pleasant during early morning hours and helps in having memorable experience at the waterfall trek. The water levels at Kalmandavi have come to safe levels and is now suitable for Cliff Jumping. Mischief Treks recommends to not indulge in Cliff-Jumping without supervision of expert trek leaders. Its utmost important to adhere to safety protocols while participating in any Adventure Activity.

Pickup point
Kalmandavi Waterfall, Shivajinagar, Maharashtra View on Map
Cancellation, Rescheduling And Refund Policy
  • 90% will be refunded if canceled 15 days (360+ hrs) in advance.
  • 75% will be refunded if canceled 10 days (240+ hrs) in advance.
  • 50% will be refunded if canceled 05 days (120+ hrs) in advance.
  • 0% refund if canceled in less than 05 days (120 hours) of the event date and time.
  • 0% refund if the participant drops out, misses bus pickup, does not reach the meeting point on the scheduled date and time. 

If the event itself gets canceled, you will be given the option to switch to any other event or any other date, Or you can opt for 100% refund. If you need to cancel your current booking and/or reschedule your booking to any other date, it can be done free of cost if the rescheduling request is sent 120 hours prior to the trek. From 0hrs - 120 hours prior to trek date and time, free rescheduling is not permitted. It will be counted as cancellation done in less than 120hours of event date and time. It's a humble request, please do not give medical reasons, crib, argue or try to blackmail us if you drop out or cancel/reschedule the trek in the last 5 days. The basis of the cancelation policy is to protect the participant and also the organizers from undue financial losses arising out of unforeseen situations. If the event gets canceled due to the medical/personal emergency of the organising team member, the participants will not have to suffer financial loss. Similarly, if there is a medical/personal emergency at the participant's end, the organizing team will not have to suffer financial loss.