Join Mumbai's renowned trekking team Mischief Treks for an amazing Kids-Activities experience. Designed especially for children looking out for a start to their fondness of Trekking, Camping or Cycling. These events can be opted if you have a combination of Adults and kids making a group size of 20+ participants. We have a few special locations that offer serenity along with providing closer to nature feel.  

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Activities Near Mumbai for Kids

Hand picked list of best Treks/Camping/Midnight Cycling/Activities near Mumbai in Maharashtra for April, May, June, July and August 2023. Fort Treks include Nandhimal, Peb, Kothaligad, Devkund, Bhimdev, Asava; Short Trails like Sanjay Gandhi National Park Trail and Aadrai Trail can be considered, Night Cycling in Mumbai by Mischief Treks, Camping at Our Igatpuri Camping and Watersports Campsite and Bhandardara Lakeside Campsite too are available

Trek and Tour Events by Mischief Treks