Fireflies Festival - Camping - Trek

A hand-picked collection of events and the best camping locations near Mumbai for witnessing Fireflies this season. Last date for Fireflies Festival is June 18, 2023. We also have an extended batch on June 24-25, 2023. Next batch will be in May 2024. Appeal to Public:  Please take a step forward and spread the awareness about being responsible and help us eradicate activities related to pollutants like Fire, Smoke, and Lights causing harm to Fireflies.  

Myths and Facts about Fireflies and Rain correlation

Since June 12, 2023 we have been observing that lot of people are believing lot of Copy-Paste based websites spreading incorrect information about the correlation between rains and Fireflies, hence we would like to take this opportunity to express our experience and things we learnt in past 12 years. Rain can have both positive and negative effects on fireflies in India. 

Myth vs Fact about Fireflies and Rain

Positive effects of rain on Fireflies sighting 

  • Increased Firefly Activity: Fireflies are known to be more active during and after rain showers. The moisture in the air and on the ground can stimulate firefly mating behaviors, leading to more visible displays of their bioluminescent flashes.
  • Enhanced Glowing: Rainfall can make the environment more humid, which can enhance the visibility of firefly light displays. The moisture in the air can scatter and amplify their bioluminescent glow, making it more captivating to observe.

Negative effects of rain of Fireflies sighting

  • Storm Risk: Heavy rainfall that starts generally in month of July can wash away firefly eggs, larvae, and pupae, impacting their population size. It can also disrupt their breeding habitats and lead to the loss of suitable breeding grounds.
  • Human Eye Limitations: During heavy rain or thick fog, the visibility of firefly flashes may decrease significantly. The raindrops or fog can scatter or block the light, making it harder to spot fireflies.

Lets put this in simple words.. Ever wondered why fireflies mate and glow in certain weather conditions? Well, science has some cool explanations for that! First off, fireflies have a unique way of attracting mates. They use their flashing lights to communicate and find the right partner. Each firefly species has its own special flashing pattern, like a secret code for romance.

When it comes to the weather, fireflies have their preferences too. They like it warm and a bit humid. So, you'll see them getting all flirty during the warmer months when the temperature is just right and the air is a bit moist. But that's not all! The length of daylight and darkness also plays a role. Fireflies have their own schedule for getting busy, and they time their flashes to match. It's like they have their own disco party in sync with the day and night.. All these mating behaviors and weather preferences have important reasons. They help fireflies find the perfect mate and ensure their species survives and thrives. It's all about passing on those good genes and keeping the firefly population alive.

So next time you see those magical glowing bugs, remember they're not just putting on a light show for fun. They're on a mission to find love and continue the firefly legacy. Pretty cool, right?

So if you live here in Mumbai where Mischief Treks can take you to witness this magical phenomenon, if you are capable of "Reading" and understanding what's written on the event details page. But, If you want to signup without understanding the important aspects explained on event details page, please avoid Mischief Treks. 

Fireflies Festival 2024 Information

Event: Fireflies Festival 2024 - Camping - Trek 
Duration:  Overnight Camping - Trek
Last Dates: 18-May2024, 25-May-2024, 01-Jun-2024, and 08-Jun-2024
Suitable for:  All age groups.
Charges: INR 499 onwards.
Organizer Mischief Treks | Mumbai

Top 5 LOCATIONS Fireflies Festival 2023 | Mumbai

Fireflies Festival Trekking and Camping in 2024


Fireflies Festival Camping and Trek 2023 by Mischief Treks. Copyright: Mischief Treks. Source:

Join Mumbai's renowned trekking team Mischief Treks for an amazing experience at Fireflies Festival 2024. Apart from the top 5 locations mentioned above, we also have a few special locations that offer serenity along with providing a closer-to-nature feel.

  1. Rajmachi Fireflies Festival 
  2. Prabalmachi Fireflies Camping/Trek 
  3. Bhandardara Fireflies Camping 
  4. Igatpuri Fireflies Camping
  5. Kothaligad Fireflies Festival

and we also have..

  • Mischief Treks - Karjat Fireflies Camping  | NON-CROWDED
  • Mischief Treks - Secret Fireflies Camping | NON-CROWDED

Imagine, you're out in the middle of the wilderness, surrounded by the sounds of crickets and frogs. The only light comes from the stars above and... wait, is that a flashing light over there? Oh yeah, it's a Firefly. And another one. And another one. Before you know it, you're in the middle of thousands of these little bugs, flashing their lights like they're putting on a show just for you. Hope people don't pull out phone flash lights to see the light.. Phew !

It's hard to describe just how incredible it is to be surrounded by so many fireflies. They light up the trees like Diwali lights, flashing their little butts off in a rhythm. It's like being in the middle of a fairy tale, but with way more bugs and no evil stepmothers.

And the best part? You get to experience all of this with a bunch of other adventurous people who are just as excited as you are. So if you're looking for a truly unforgettable experience, pack your bags join Mischief Treks in this memorable event called Fireflies Festival 

Fireflies Festival Update (June 14, 2023)

Fireflies Update: Hey folks, guess what? The fireflies have made their grand entrance at all the fireflies festival locations in Maharashtra! It's been a few days of pure excitement as these little sparklers have started to light up the night sky. And let me tell you, it's gonna end coming weekend! We're expecting the firefly visibility to decrease substantially after 21st June 2023. A breathtaking spectacle of thousands of these glowing angels will be gone in a matter of days. Being the organizer of the Fireflies Festival 2023, Mischief Treks wants to extend a super warm welcome to all of you nature lovers and adventure seekers. Get ready to witness the magic of these mesmerizing fireflies - it's going to be an experience you won't want to miss!

Weather Conditions: Generally during the day time, its Hot with hazy sun, nights are comfortable and breezy. Wind gusts are 20 km/h, and Probability of Precipitation is just 9%. Sunrise Rise time is 5:56 AM. 
On Friday 17th June, the night sky is expected to be mainly clear and humid. Probability of Precipitation is 45% 
On Saturday 18th June, Expecting a couple of showers in the evening, considerable cloudiness. Probability of Precipitation 60%

Commitment towards Fireflies and our Pledge: The Fireflies are very sensitive to changes in their environment, and smoke can be particularly harmful to them. We do not indulge or support unnecessary activities that cause smoke, eg. Campfire, Bonfire, Barbeque (BBQ) and any other activity related to smoke. By being responsible and respectful, we can help protect these amazing insects and ensure that they continue to thrive for generations to come. We pledge to continue protecting the interests of fireflies.


Frequently asked questions - Fireflies Festival 2024 


When does Fireflies Festival start?

Fireflies Festival will start during pre-monsoon phase i.e. from end of the month of May-2024, and will go on till mid of June-2024. The Festival will be hosted at multiple location in Maharashtra. Mischief Treks special batch locations are non-crowded and provide better experience. 

What are the dates for Bhandardara Fireflies Festival camping and trek?

Fireflies Festival camping at Bhandardara is scheduled on following dates 

  • Bhandardara Fireflies Festival 18-May-2024.
  • Bhandardara Fireflies Festival 25-May-2024.
  • Bhandardara Fireflies Festival 01-June-2024.
  • Bhandardara Fireflies Festival 08-June-2024.

Official online booking link for Bhandardara Fireflies festival:

What are the dates for Rajmachi Fireflies Festival camping and trek?

Fireflies Festival camping and trek at Rajmachi is scheduled on following dates 

  • Rajmachi Fireflies Festival 18-May-2024.
  • Rajmachi Fireflies Festival 25-May-2024.
  • Rajmachi Fireflies Festival 01-June-2024.
  • Rajmachi Fireflies Festival 08-June-2024.

Official online booking link for Rajmachi Fireflies festival:

What are the dates for Igatpuri Fireflies Festival camping and trek?

Fireflies Festival camping at Igatpuri is scheduled on following dates 

  • Igatpuri Fireflies Festival 18-May-2024.
  • Igatpuri Fireflies Festival 25-May-2024.
  • Igatpuri Fireflies Festival 01-June-2024.
  • Igatpuri Fireflies Festival 08-June-2024.

Official online booking link for Igatpuri Fireflies festival:

What are the dates for Kothaligad Fireflies Festival camping and trek?

Fireflies Festival camping and trek at Kothaligad is scheduled on following dates 

  • Kothaligad Fireflies Festival 18-May-2024.
  • Kothaligad Fireflies Festival 25-May-2024.
  • Kothaligad Fireflies Festival 01-June-2024.
  • Kothaligad Fireflies Festival 08-June-2024.

Official online booking link for Kothaligad Fireflies festival:

What are the dates for Secret Location Fireflies Festival camping and trek?

Fireflies Festival camping at Secret Location is scheduled on following dates 

  • Secret Location Fireflies Festival 18-May-2024.
  • Secret Location Fireflies Festival 25-May-2024.
  • Secret Location Fireflies Festival 01-June-2024.
  • Secret Location Fireflies Festival 08-June-2024.

Official online booking link for Secret Location Fireflies festival:

What are the dates for Karjat Fireflies Festival camping and trek?

Fireflies Festival camping at Karjat, Maharashtra is scheduled on following dates 

  • Karjat Fireflies Festival 18-May-2024.
  • Karjat Fireflies Festival 25-May-2024.
  • Karjat Fireflies Festival 01-June-2024.
  • Karjat Fireflies Festival 08-June-2024.

Official online booking link for Secret Location Fireflies festival:

What are the dates for Prabalmachi Fireflies Festival camping and trek?

Fireflies Festival camping and trek at Prabalmachi is scheduled on following dates 

  • Prabalmachi Fireflies Festival 18-May-2024.
  • Prabalmachi Fireflies Festival 25-May-2024.
  • Prabalmachi Fireflies Festival 01-June-2024.
  • Prabalmachi Fireflies Festival 08-June-2024.

Official online booking link for Prabalmachi Fireflies festival:


Q. Is Fireflies Festival available on Weekdays (Monday-Friday)

Ans. Yes, Fireflies Festival can be booked for weekdays on any day from Monday to Friday. The customized Fireflies Festival camping can be arranged for Bhandardara, Igatpuri, Rajmachi, Kothaligad, and Karjat near Mumbai.  

Q. Do fireflies bite? 

Ans. Nah, fireflies don't have a biting habit. These little buddies are pretty chill. They don't go around attacking people or spreading diseases like some other insects. Plus, they're not poisonous at all. You don't have to worry about them zooming around and nipping at you. Just keep in mind, it's best not to consume them. Let's leave the firefly snacking to the birds.  

Q. What are Fireflies? 

Ans. Let Mischief Treks 'enlighten' you! Fireflies are actually part of the beetle family, not flies as their name suggests. These fascinating creatures are nocturnal winged beetles that have a magical trick up their sleeves. They possess a superpower called bioluminescence. It's a fancy term for a chemical reaction that happens when oxygen mixes with a substance called Luciferin, found in their lower abdomen. The result? Boom! They produce their own shimmering light, creating a mesmerizing glow that's truly enchanting to behold.

Q. What time of year do fireflies appear?   

Ans. Fireflies make their grand entrance during the pre-monsoon period in western India, usually towards the end of May. They put on a spectacular show with their twinkling lights that can be witnessed until mid-June. So, if you're eager to experience the enchantment of fireflies in Maharashtra, you're in luck! Mischief Treks has got you covered with their awesome Fireflies Festival. It's a fantastic opportunity for all you nature lovers out there to immerse yourselves in the magical world of fireflies.

Q. When can we get to see fireflies near Mumbai?   

Ans. The fireflies put on their dazzling show typically from the end of May through June. Now, keep in mind, Mother Nature can be a bit unpredictable. If there's excessive rain or an early monsoon arrival, the timing might shift a bit. But hey, for the year 2024, we at Mischief Treks are tentatively expecting the firefly sightings to kick off in the second half of May. So get ready to witness their mesmerizing glow in the Mumbai vicinity! 

Q. Can fireflies hurt/harm humans?  

Ans. Well, let's get this straight. Fireflies do have some toxins in their system, but don't worry, they won't cause you any harm unless you decide to devour a massive amount of them (which, let's be real, doesn't sound like a delightful idea). So, as long as you're not chowing down on fireflies like they're a fancy gourmet meal, you're totally safe, my friend. Ha ha, unless you've got a secret appetite for toxin-filled insects, of course. 

Q. Are fireflies considered safe insects?    

Ans. Well, here's the scoop. Fireflies have a defense mechanism up their tiny sleeves. When they come face-to-face with predators, they go all out and start reflex bleeding. Yep, they release drops of blood filled with chemicals that are actually toxic to lizards and birds. Now, here's a word of caution for humans as well: it's best to steer clear of eating them. Fireflies aren't exactly a gourmet treat for us either. So, let's appreciate these glowing beauties from a safe distance and leave the dining to less luminous options!       

Q. Why do Fireflies glow at night or in the dark?  

Ans. The glow you see is actually the result of a clever chemical reaction happening inside a firefly's abdomen. They've got a special organic compound called luciferin that's responsible for the magic. When air rushes into their abdomen, it mingles with luciferin, triggering a chemical reaction that creates their enchanting glow. It's like their very own natural light show! And hey, just a fun fact: they definitely don't rely on any beauty products like "Fair and Lovely" or "Glow and Lovely" to achieve their radiant shine. They've got their glow game on point, no cosmetics needed! 

Q. Where can we find a lot of Fireflies?    

Ans. Fireflies are quite the globetrotters! You can spot these glowing wonders in temperate and tropical regions across the globe. From Asia to the Americas, Europe to Africa, and even Down Under, fireflies make their presence known. If you're eager to witness their magical display, keep an eye out during the pre-monsoon season when they tend to light up the night. So, get ready to embark on a firefly adventure wherever your wanderlust takes you!

Q. When do Fireflies come out at night?

Ans. Fireflies know how to keep the night alive! They're active and visible throughout the night, but they tend to be most lively between midnight and 1:00 am. Just remember, if it's raining, they might decide to take cover and shy away. But fear not, even when the sun rises, they're still there, hiding in the tall grasses, patiently waiting for their next glowing adventure.  

Q. Do fireflies make noise?  

Ans. No, the fireflies don't make noise, they produce a sound by moving their wings, and the fireflies themselves can't hear this frequency.     

Q. Can we see fireflies in rain?

Ans. Yes, absolutely! You can still catch glimpses of these illuminating creatures during rain showers. However, do keep in mind that the firefly party may not be as vibrant during heavy downpours. Factors like air temperature and rainfall play a big role in their glow. And here's a secret: fireflies love indulging in snails, slugs, and pillbugs, which are aplenty during the moist pre-monsoon weather. But if the rain gets too heavy, don't be disappointed if you can't spot a single firefly. They might be taking cover until the storm subsides.

Q. Where can I spot fireflies near Mumbai?

Ans. If you're itching to witness the enchanting glow of fireflies near Mumbai, you're in luck! These mesmerizing creatures can be found in various locations around Maharashtra. Some popular spots include Lonavala, Igatpuri Village, Bhandardara Village, Rajmachi, Prabalmachi, and Purushwadi Village. So, if you're a resident of Mumbai, Thane, Kalyan, or Navi-Mumbai, you can hop in for an exciting journey to these destinations with Mischief Treks. Don't foreget, the Fireflies Festival 2024 in Maharashtra is a seasonal event, so make sure to plan your visit accordingly. If you're feeling adventurous, don't hesitate to explore lesser-known gems like Siddhagad Wadi, Ghatghar, Kothaligad, Kondane Caves, and Panshet. The magic of fireflies awaits you!

Discover the Best Fireflies Festival Camping Locations in Maharashtra:

  • Bhandardara Fireflies Festival
  • Igatpuri Fireflies Festival
  • Rajmachi Fireflies Festival
  • Kothaligad Fireflies Festival
  • Secret Location Fireflies Festival
  • Prabalmachi Fireflies Festival

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Q. List of Locations to see Fireflies in Maharashtra? 

Ans. Fireflies can be spotted at several forest regions and remote village areas in Maharashtra. The following lists contain top popular locations and some upcoming new locations to spot fireflies.

Top 6 popular locations to see fireflies in Maharashtra:

List of Locations to see fireflies in Maharashtra:

  • Naneghat Fireflies Festival
  • Harishchandragad Fireflies Festival
  • Kalsubai Fireflies Festival
  • Panshet Fireflies Festival
  • Samrad Fireflies Festival
  • Ghatghar Fireflies Festival
  • Siddhagad Fireflies Festival
  • Khodane Fireflies Festival
  • Ganpati Gadad Fireflies Festival
  • Purushwadi Fireflies Festival
  • Devkund Fireflies Festival

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Q. Will the Fireflies event be canceled if it rains?

Ans. As you are already aware that June is a month of rainy-season, and the fireflies events are organized in this month with a clear understanding that it may rain. So the participants need to be ready to withstand the difficulties arising out of rains and unpredictable weather. The Fireflies event will not be canceled. A detailed explanation has be provided on each event details page for further clarification on 

Q. Can we have bonfire/BBQ during Fireflies Festival 2024? 

Ans. No, During Fireflies mating season any kind of fire or smoke is to be strictly avoided. Bonfire/Campfire causes smoke which is harmful for fireflies, hence its banned in all the locations of Fireflies festival. If you happen to see any such activity please inform Mischief Treks team.

Q. How to Book/Register online for Fireflies Festival 2024? 

Ans. You have to select your preferred Festival location on the official booking website and press the 'Book-Now' button to proceed with online booking for Fireflies Festival 2024. The step-by-step guided booking process needs to be followed to confirm your booking. Please make sure you have read and understood event details and notes mentioned on the event page. 

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